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Spring Term Classes Conclude For LUJ Students

Spring Term Classes Conclude For LUJ Students


Spring Term Classes Conclude For LUJ Students

In the final weeks of class, LUJ students were busy. 

Over in our EAP (English for Academic Purposes) department, students across five different levels muscled through presentations, essays, final exams, and a TOEFL test, hoping their scores are strong enough to enter into our Undergraduate Program and begin earning college credits. 

In our Public Speaking course, the professor, Roger Grabowski, invited all faculty, staff and students to attend his class's final presentations, or 'Speech Day'. A wide variety of topics included, among others, "The History of Ninja," "Holy Nights of Ramadan," "The Year the Music Stopped," "Japan's Emergency Contraceptive Pill Debate," and "The Dark Side of K-Pop." 

Dr. Douglas Murray's Environmental Science class managed to squeeze in one more field trip to Miraikan, or The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, taking in exhibitions devoted to showing cutting-edge technology and future scientific trends. 

And over in Chanoyu: The Way of Tea, taught by Ruth Lionberger, students put on an Okeiko, or a tea ceremony, inviting other LUJ students to come and experience being properly served tea, as Chanoyu students discussed tea culture and history.

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