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Health and Counseling

FOR EMERGENCIES, PLEASE CALL: Police (110), Ambulance (119) or Fire (119)

Health and Counseling

At LUJ we offer a variety of both on-campus and virtual counseling through our Student Affairs department as well as with our professional counselor. 

Students struggling through any aspect of their college lives are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our dedicated Student Affairs representatives, and can schedule appointments to receive some additional help and support. LUJ also employs a professional health counselor for situations that may require some professional insight and support. To make an appointment with a Student Affairs representative, email or call 03-3325-0427.

Talk with our professional counselor (Dr. Yuko Kawanishi), email

Drop-in appointments are approximately 20 minutes, and are for non-crisis consultations. Students can use them as a way to meet a counselor before deciding whether to make a full appointment (45-50 minutes) or to consult about a specific situation. 

Reach Out

Why Talk With a Counselor?

• I’m feeling really stressed out.
• I don’t seem to know what I want.
• I get depressed a lot.
• I’m thinking of quitting school.
• There are problems in my family.
• I’m having trouble with a relationship.
• I’m just not happy.
• I’m concerned about my drinking/my friend’s drinking.

• I’ve been assaulted recently or in the past.
• I’m having trouble concentrating on my studies.
• I really get up-tight about tests, speeches, math, etc.
• Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything.
• I’m concerned about my eating/my friend’s eating patterns.
• I need to talk about something that has happened to me.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services Heading

We offer on-campus and virtual counseling services to provide support and assistance to students as they develop academically, personally, and socially. Depending on the topic and needs of the student, counseling can be made available with a specific class professor, your own academic advisor, or the university’s professional counselor.