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Welcome Parents

Welcome parents and financial sponsors! Our goal is to expand on your work and teach students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and future industry leaders. Our liberal arts program focuses on both career and life skills giving students the most out of their college experience.

To help parents and guardians stay up-to-date and informed of our policies, tuition and fees, and various student resources, please visit the links provided below.

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University Policies

We will not relay a notification of absence to instructors on behalf of students as per main campus policy. If any student must miss a class, it is their responsibility to contact the instructor initially by email regarding the absence and again in person following their return to school. For a detailed attendance policy covering the EAP program, please refer to the syllabus, which is distributed by instructors at the beginning of each course or the EAP Handbook. Academic students should confirm the attendance policy with each instructor as they may vary.