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Experience Lakeland University Japan

Authentic American Education in Downtown Tokyo

Hear more about how LUJ students are taking advantage of life in Tokyo and Japan. From clubs, activities, and student services, you'll have plenty of choices around you. 

Experience Lakeland University Japan

Future Leaders

No matter your intended major or career, we are committed to preparing you for life after graduation through a variety of degree paths. A fully accredited four-year degree can be completed at the Tokyo campus or in the United States at Lakeland University in Wisconsin or Virginia Wesleyan University in Coastal Virginia.

We serve as a platform for future leaders and their ambitions of graduate school, corporate careers, entrepreneurship and everything in between. Check out our avenues of Admissions.

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Lakeland University (Wisconsin)
Lakeland University Japan

world's largest metropolis

Life In Tokyo

So you're thinking of joining us in one of the safest big cities in the world? Japan's small size means that so much of the country is just a day trip away. Student activites, parties and class field trips take our students to numerous sites within the city limits, where the energy and diversity of Tokyo are waiting to be discovered. 

Our campus is perfect for commuting access, and the surrounding areas give the opportunity to experience contemporary Tokyo and all of its Japanese modern, artistic, international, and traditional offerings as well. One step into the campus as you’re amongst friends and colleagues; a few steps out and a city of 35 million and unlimited opportunity is at your fingertips. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Tokyo is the city that never ceases to amaze.

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