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LUJ Trivia Night a Big Hit With Students

LUJ Trivia Night a Big Hit With Students


LUJ Trivia Night a Big Hit With Students

After a tough week of midterms, LUJ students filed into Muskie Hall for Trivia Night, hosted by LUJ Professor Shey Weaver and Jun Yoshida, an LUJ undergraduate and accomplished musician.

"All in all, it was definitely a success," Professor Weaver says. "The students had a great time, I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a game show host...and Jun busted out his guitar and sang a Bruno Mars tune."

True to both host's tastes, music was one of the trivia categories. "I played the first 10-20 seconds of a song," Professor Weaver explains, "and the students attempted to guess the song title and artist."

Students, unplugged from being able to quickly check their smartphones for the answers, wrote their answers on small whiteboards after conferring with their groups.

At times, the competition grew a bit contentious, with some groups wondering whether "a giraffe's tongue was purple or black" and why, after hearing a sample chime, that the answer "convenience store entrance chime" was not specific enough. "The correct answer was Family Mart entrance chime."

Controversies aside, it was a night to kick back and relax after making it through the midway point of classes. Dean Charles Laurier was in attendance, as was LUJ Professor of Communication Dan Sloan.

The event was such a success that it just might lead to a sequel, so stay tuned.

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