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LUJ Celebrates Spring 2024 Graduates

LUJ Celebrates Spring 2024 Graduates


LUJ Celebrates Spring 2024 Graduates

On April 6, LUJ held its spring graduation ceremony. The event started promptly around 2pm, as students and faculty walked to their seats as friends and family watched, cameras ready. 

LUJ Vice President Dr. Anderson Passos delivered opening remarks before introducing LUJ Dean Charles Laurier, who delivered the commencement address, the theme being optimism. 

"Of course, you cannot just turn a switch and become optimistic," said Dean Laurier. "Becoming optimistic is a process of self-reflection. It's somewhat like accounting. Think of all the good things in your life along with the bad things and reach a total balance of positive or negative. But be sure to count the things you might be taking for granted...the good food you enjoy every day. The house or apartment you live in. The fact that you can walk and see and think. The air you are breathing every second of every day. And especially your good friends and your family and all the ways they help and support you. And finally, consider the great opportunities that are open to you now that you have a university education."

Before the degrees were awarded, there were two guest speakers. Mr. Tai Ishikawa, Director of the Sumida Board of Education, and Martha Engstrom, a health scientist and current Mansfield Foundation Fellow, spoke to the graduates. Representing the Class of 2024 was B.A. degree graduate Andrew Uriate. 

Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrees were also awarded to students who've completed 60 credits. 

As Associate Vice President (and Lakeland alumnus) Charlie Stockman called the name of each graduate, Dean Laurier presented them with their degree. Two students were honored for their academic achievement. Gianna Duarte earned Summa Cum Laude for having a GPA of 3.8 or higher, and Haruka Isayama achieved Magna Cum Laude, maintaining at least a 3.6 GPA throughout her time at LUJ. 

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