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Easter Eggs and English Club: A Hoppy Finale at Lakeland University Japan

Easter Eggs and English Club: A Hoppy Finale at Lakeland University Japan


Easter Eggs and English Club: A Hoppy Finale at Lakeland University Japan

As the initial series of the English Club at Lakeland University Japan drew to a close, the campus buzzed with excitement and creativity during the final Easter celebration event. Designed to foster not only English language skills but also cultural awareness, the event featured three interactive workstations with an Easter theme followed by students sharing heartfelt speeches about their favorite moments from the club, highlighting the personal growth and friendships forged through their participation. The students' speeches, where they articulated their experiences in English, were a testament to their growing confidence and linguistic skills, key objectives of the English Club. The event culminated in a spirited Easter egg hunt across the campus, with hidden eggs containing coins redeemable for university merchandise, adding an element of joyful competition to the day.

Engaging the Community
Approximately 35 students participated in the March 23rd final event, accompanied by their parents and siblings, making it a family affair. The event also welcomed a special guest, Mr Kanda, from the local Sumida-ku Board of Education, illustrating the club’s role in enhancing community relations. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their eagerness to return, and parents noting the joy and stories their children shared after each club day.

Behind the Scenes
The event’s success was made possible by the dedicated coordination of Yuko Takamatsu and Jessica McDonald, with support from activity leaders William Hardiman, Robin Zhang, and Johnny Baez. Their efforts ensured a seamless and enriching experience for all attendees. However, the club’s success throughout its initial run was also due to the contributions of other activity leaders including Antyne Major, Joseph Cardona Jr, Abby Montgomery, and Perfe Llaguno, who led various sessions and played pivotal roles in the club's operations.

A Bright Future Ahead
The English Club not only injected energy into the campus but also strengthened ties with the Sumida-ku Board of Education, raising awareness about the university within the local community. The English Club plans to return with an expanded roster of students and leaders, aiming to build on the foundation laid by this successful term.

As we await the next chapter of the English Club, we invite both returning and new members to join in the enriching experience that awaits. Whether it's making new friends, enhancing English skills, or participating in fun and educational activities, the English Club at Lakeland University Japan is a place to grow, share, and celebrate the joy of learning.