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Chanoyu Class invites Staff and Faculty for Tea

Chanoyu Class invites Staff and Faculty for Tea


Chanoyu Class invites Staff and Faculty for Tea

On March 29th, the students of the Chanoyu course finished the term by inviting faculty and staff for tea.

Using what they learned in class and experiential lessons outside of the university, the students were able to actually teach their guests the essence of Chanoyu.

Throughout the Spring term, students experienced various lectures, but also an abbreviated and unabbreviated tea event. A guest speaker, a Buddhist priest, gave an in-depth lecture on the history of Tea. Students also went on a field trip to explore shops relating to Tea and to visit the famous Yushima Tenmangu.

In the lecture part of the class, students learned about architecture, tea gardens, Zen Buddhism, tea cuisine, history, some poetry, the 24 Seasons of Japan, and more.
A student who has taken the class this semester has said "I would recommend this class to future students interested in Japanese culture. I think this class is tailor-made specifically for those wanting to learn about Japanese cultural traditions such as tea ceremonies. If you are one of those people I believe you have a lot to gain from taking a class such as this one.".

Professor Ruth (S​​ōshin) Lionberger was particularly pleased by the enthusiastic group of curious students. When the class is offered again, she hopes to be able to cover even more topics, such as flowers, incense, sweets, kimono, and modern history of Chanoyu. She also would like to take the students to a Zen Temple to introduce students to Zen meditation.