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Hospitality Management

Exciting and Fast-Paced Careers

About The Program

Whenever people travel, they need a temporary place to call home. And the more people travel—across the country or around the globe—the more homes away from home they will need. It’s a big reason why hospitality management is such an attractive program of study for students who seek a potentially lucrative career in the hospitality industry.

If you enjoy interacting with people and working in an energized environment where guests are looking to have fun, this major might suit your personality. Lakeland's Hospitality Management program has been going strong for two decades and continues to send qualified graduates into exciting, fast-paced careers at resorts, hotels, restaurants, and even on cruise ships around the world!

Long-term career opportunities in the lodging, food and beverage, and other hospitality businesses are abound. With a degree in Hospitality Management, Lakeland University students are hirable across the U.S. and beyond!

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