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Food Safety & Quality

Learn From Food Industry Leaders

About The Program

Lakeland’s Food Safety and Quality program blends the sciences of Biology and Chemistry with best business practices to prepare students for careers in food processing. Graduates will be well-rounded manufacturing professionals equipped to advance in the production of food while also possessing finance, management philosophy, and other skills needed to lead people to their potential.

Unlike a Food Science Degree, which prepares students for food research and development, Lakeland’s Food Safety and Quality program focuses on the safe production of food. Students in the program will learn from food industry leaders by working and earning credit both in Lakeland’s classrooms and at local employers.

Premier Food Partners

Johnsonville Sausage, LLC | Sargento Foods Inc. | Masters Gallery Foods |

Old Wisconsin Sausage Co. | Fred Usinger, Inc. | Klement’s Sausage Co. |

Miesfeld’s Market Inc. | SSL Industries | Food Industry Counsel LLC

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