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Computer science is the design, implementation, and analysis of software and algorithms that are used to solve problems in a wide range of industries, including business, medicine, communications, entertainment, and manufacturing. The computer science program offers courses that range from entry-level to professional development. These include computer programming, data structures, database management, system analysis and design, operating systems, online information systems, and cybersecurity. The computer science courses are designed to prepare students for a lifetime of learning that will enable them to meet the challenges of future developments in information technology. The program is supported by a variety of computing resources and laboratories which support its educational mission.

The Computer Science Department offers a major in computer science leading either to the B.A. degree or the B.S. degree. Each program provides a broad education in fundamentals and problem-solving strategies. The B.A. options offers a basic major in computer science. The B.S. option is designed for students with an additional strong interest in science or engineering. An undergraduate research experience is part of the B.S. option in Computer Science. Both options are appropriate for students who plan to pursue graduate study in the same or related fields. A minor in computer science complements majors in many fields, including biology, business, chemistry, and earth and environmental science.

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