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Computer Science

Enter the World of Computer Science

Learn All Aspects Of Computer Science

Computers have become such an essential part of our lives that most of us no longer think about them. We expect that they will be there – streamlining our workplace, accessing our information and providing our entertainment. That’s where computer science graduates come in: they create and maintain computer and information technologies so the rest of us can live better lives.

Work with a Faraday Cage. Learn to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals. Experiment with a 3D printer and robotics. Refurbish scrapped computers in our lab. Lakeland's Computer Science program is an all-encompassing foray into the ever-changing world of computers and how they work.

At Lakeland University, you won't focus on just programming, database, or system analysis. You'll learn it all with multiple classes that span all disciplines.

Pepper, Lakeland University's Computer Science robot

The computer science major enables students to position themselves “inside” the already-accomplished computer revolution. Majors are presented with a practical background in programming and data management, as well as the skills that will allow them to devise and implement computer solutions to real-world problems.

At the upper levels of coursework, students use electives to guide and focus their own studies, preparing themselves for careers in applications programming, information technology and systems management.

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