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Spring 2024: Course Withdrawal

Spring 2024: Course Withdrawal


Spring 2024: Course Withdrawal

o Undergraduate Students,

For those who wish to withdraw from a course, please carefully read the important information and follow the instructions shown below.

  Deadline for a course withdrawal: Friday, March 8th by 5:00 pm


1. Before you make up your mind on withdrawing from a course, please make sure that you consult with your instructor to find the true status of your course progress. Your instructor may have a different view on your outcome of your final grade.

2. No payment refunds (including time and efforts you have already invested).

3. Your expected graduation term may be extended due to the shortage of credit hours by withdrawing from a course this term.

4. The course level that you can register for may be affected.

5. If you are on a school-sponsored visa, you may not reduce your workload below nine semester hours after withdrawing from one or more courses. If you also repeatedly withdraw from courses and slow down on your academic progress, you may increase the chance of not getting your student visa renewed by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

6. If you are receiving a G.I. Bill benefit, you should contact Student Affairs ( for more information.

7. If you are receiving U.S. Financial Aid, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at the main campus for more information.


Students who wish to withdraw from a course may send an email request.

-Please send your request to the following parties:
To: Academic Affairs (
CC: Your Instructor and Academic Advisor

-Required information to include in order to successfully withdraw from your course:
Full Name:
LUJ Student ID:
LUW Student ID:
Course Code and Section (e.g. GEN100.J1):
Title of course (e.g. Writing Workshop):
Credit hours (e.g. 1 cr., 3 cr., or 4 cr.):
Do you have a school-sponsored visa? (Answer by Yes or No):
Do you receive military benefits? (Answer by Yes or No):
Do you receive U.S. Financial Aid? (Answer by Yes or No):

Should you have any questions, please contact Academic Affairs at

Academic Affairs