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New partnership expands Japan study abroad opportunities

New partnership expands Japan study abroad opportunities


New partnership expands Japan study abroad opportunities

A new partnership between Lakeland University and Virginia Wesleyan University will expand opportunities for students attending the campus in Tokyo that was founded by Lakeland almost 30 years ago.

These exciting opportunities include expanded programming and co-branding of international possibilities under the name Lakeland University Japan and Virginia Wesleyan University Global.

Students starting at Lakeland University Wisconsin, Lakeland University Japan and Virginia Wesleyan University will have access to a variety of pathways that include studying in Tokyo, Wisconsin and/or Virginia. The pathways include completion of a soon-to-be-approved bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Tokyo campus, which will allow students to complete their education at any of the locations.

LUJ is truly an international university, teaching more than 300 students from 30 countries. Its English speaking degree program is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and LUJ is one of two American universities approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to operate in Japan.

Lakeland President David Black said this new agreement will strengthen Lakeland’s commitment to the region by providing more opportunities for students.

"For nearly three decades we have maintained our strong commitment to our presence in Japan, and this new agreement positions us for a strong future," Black said. "Students from around the world study at LUJ, and we look forward to providing a wider variety of programs to a truly global campus."

Black said the agreement with Virginia Wesleyan will also create stronger study abroad opportunities for international students in the United States.

"By adding a school on the East Coast as our partner, it will provide international students who study at Virginia Wesleyan easy access to the areas where people first came to this country," Black said. "For students to understand America in her fullness historically, politically and economically, they need to spend time in places like Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

"We offer our students who choose to study abroad two very different American opportunities, urban and rural, which will allow them to really sample life in the United States."

Lakeland and Virginia Wesleyan students and faculty will also have the opportunity to travel to the Tokyo campus, which is located in Shinjuku, part of Tokyo’s central government and business district. With train connections to all parts of Tokyo and Japan, students have easy access to a plethora of museums, cultural areas and recreation opportunities.

While this partnership is new, it builds on a long-standing relationship between Lakeland President David Black and VWU President Scott D. Miller. Black has served as Executive-in-Residence at Virginia Wesleyan since 2015, and he has played an instrumental role in a number of significant projects at VWU.

Questions about Lakeland University Japan and Virginia Wesleyan University Global can be directed to Vice President for Lakeland University Japan Brian Frink.