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LUJ and the Sumida Board of Education Launch an English Club

LUJ and the Sumida Board of Education Launch an English Club


LUJ and the Sumida Board of Education Launch an English Club

On Saturday, June 10th, from 2-4pm, LUJ held its first club gathering of the Sumida Middle School English Club. Around 35 students from 10 different middle schools in the area participated in a variety of English-themed activities.

The club is an official bukatsu collaboration between LUJ and the Sumida Board of Education, and will run every two weeks on Saturdays starting on July 8 and concluding March 23, 2024.

The first two meetings are trial sessions, with the Daily Mainichi covering the June 10th launch.

We talked to LUJ faculty member and program organizer Jessica McDonald about how the launch went. “I was pleasantly surprised by the confidence and English ability from the JHS students. They were very enthusiastic and showed a great promise with the English education in Japan schools.”

McDonald also praised the six LUJ activity leaders, all of whom are currently enrolled as LUJ students. “The activity leaders provided the diversity that is crucial to interact with when becoming a global citizen.” McDonald was also glad “to see so many parents attend and enjoy seeing their child use their English skills.”

Yuko Takamatsu, head of student affairs here at LUJ, felt the launch was “a great success and the parents who came seemed to be very pleased as well.” With Sumida Mayor Toru Yamamoto coming on June 17, Takamatsu hopes “we can give another impressive session for all.”

Ever concerned with LUJ students, Takamatsu was also relieved to see “that all Activity Leaders enjoyed themselves with the [Junior High School] students.”

See below for pictures of the club’s trial session launch.

Also, to reach out to Jessica McDonald ( or Yuko Takamatsu ( feel free to contact them with any questions.