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LUJ Alumni Enjoy a Night Out

LUJ Alumni Enjoy a Night Out


LUJ Alumni Enjoy a Night Out

The LUJ Alumni Club enjoyed a night out at 生ハム, or Nama Hamu, located in Shinjuku, close to the old LUJ campus building. 

According to Bill Kurata, LUJ's Outreach and Career Coordinator, time went by "like the blink of an eye." In a flash, "two hours had flown by, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating our upcoming Christmas event...Stay tuned for more details!"

Joining the group of LUJ alumni for food and drinks were LUJ VP Dr. Anderson Passos, Associate VP Charlie Stockman, and LUJ's Dean Emeritus, Dr. Alan Brender. 

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for our Christmas event details, and if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help LUJ's alumni society, contact Mr. Kurata at