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June's Lakeland Lecture Centered on Global Peace Education

June's Lakeland Lecture Centered on Global Peace Education


June's Lakeland Lecture Centered on Global Peace Education

On June 13, 7pm, our Lakeland Lecture series continues with Friedensdorf International (FI) director Birgit Stifter. Ms. Stifter, whose native language is German, will be joined by LUJ undergraduate Mara Peppmüller. If interested in international affairs, human rights, or peace education, this will be a great lecture to attend. 

As always, the Lakeland Lecture series is open to the public, not just LUJ faculty, staff, and students. 

Ms. Stifter managed to take a few moments out of her busy schedule to answer a couple questions prior to her lecture. 

We know you will be getting into the specifics of Friedensdorf International (FI) during your lecture, but could you tell us a little about your life just before joining FI?

Born in 1970 as the third of four children to my parents, Heinz and Elisabeth Müller, I began studying, among other things, pedagogy in 1991 after completing my training as an industrial clerk. It quickly became clear that my main interests were in helping children in crisis situations, and therefore in development aid.

Were you always interested in international affairs? When you were a college student, what issues might you say motivated you to enter into the 'world' of international organizations?

As a teenager, I was already volunteering in the fields of sports promotion and recreational activities for children. It was always important to me to create development opportunities together with other children and thus give them a perspective.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with college students who are interested in global issues?
Mutual respect and tolerance are the challenges of our time. At the same time, they are the absolute foundation for achieving common goals.

Here is an English-language video showing Friedensdorf International in action. 

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