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The Roots of Life

Students who have successfully completed a B.S. in Biology will be able to:

  • Identify, explain and apply principles of cell biology.
  • Identify, explain and apply principles of molecular biology.
  • Identify variations of life forms, applying the principles of evolution to explain those variations.
  • Identify, explain and apply principles of genetics.
  • Identify, explain, and apply principles of ecology.
  • Analyze scientific information using the scientific method and integrate that information in written form.
  • Demonstrate the desire to engage the subject beyond the course or program requirements.
Biology at Lakeland University Japan

Biology is the study of life and how biological processes affect our daily lives. Topics of study will include biodiversity, genetic engineering, problems associated with the expanding human population, the origin and diversity of life, functional morphology, ecology, and Darwinian evolution.

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