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Visit Lakeland University Japan

Are you interested in visiting Lakeland University Japan?

Here are some great opportunities for you to come visit Lakeland University Japan (LUJ) campus here in Ryogoku !

Feel free to schedule an appointment for any of the activities written down below.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Join us at our University Information Sessions/Open Campus to receive insight on what the university is like!

Here are a couple of questions we may be able to solve:

  • What is the campus like?
  • What majors/minors do we offer?
  • What future pathways does Lakeland University Japan offer?

Feel free to access the calendar through the button down below and see what events we have.

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Are you interested in receiving in-depth information about university application processes?

Here are a couple of questions we may be able to solve:

  • What are the requirements for entering the university?
  • Am I eligible for financial aid?
  • How will I do my Visa applications and how will my lifestyle in Japan be like?

Feel free to sign up through the form below!
We will be able to do it both in person and on Zoom.

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