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Sumida Mayor Tooru Yamamoto Visits LUJ’s English Club

Sumida Mayor Tooru Yamamoto Visits LUJ’s English Club


Sumida Mayor Tooru Yamamoto Visits LUJ’s English Club

On Saturday, June 17, LUJ, in partnership with the Sumida Board of Education, held its 2nd trial session of the Sumida Middle School English Club.

From 2-4 pm, dozens of middle school students across ten different schools in the Sumida area came to LUJ to learn more about Lakeland University Japan and the upcoming English Club project that is being run in collaboration with the Sumida ward Board of Education. Here, students were able to meet the English Club activity leaders (six of our own LUJ students) and play a campus-wide scavenger hunt game where they were faced with various challenges from each leader to complete before collecting the clues.

Summer Wheeler, Director of LUJ's Learning Center, commented that “It was really fun to see the students running around the campus totally engaged in the scavenger hunt.”

It was wonderful having Sumida Mayor Tooru Yamamoto come to our Ryogoku campus during Saturday's English Club. Mayor Yamamoto commented that the students "were having fun and actively working hard." In particular, he was impressed with their "adaptability and ability to speak English."

The bi-weekly LUJ and Sumida English Club, as first reported by the Mainichi Shimbun, will officially begin on July 8, from 2-4 pm. For any questions related to the club, please contact either program organizer Jessica McDonald ( or LUJ’s head of student affairs, Yuko Takamatsu (