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New Course - Chanoyu: The Way of Tea

New Course - Chanoyu: The Way of Tea


New Course - Chanoyu: The Way of Tea

"Starting from the Spring Semester of 2023, Lakeland University Japan has implemented a brand new course called "Chanoyu: The Way of Tea".

Within Chanoyu: The Way of Tea, students will learn about Chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony) with professor Ruth Lionberger, who has been studying tea for over 20 years. In the class, students learn about history, Zen meditation, food, seasons, poetry, pottery, architecture, gardening and more. Students also learn how to conduct one basic tea-making procedure. With her extensive knowledge about Chanoyu, Professor Lionberger hopes that students will enjoy learning about both the form and spirit of Tea.

This new Chanoyu class is only one of many Japanese culture courses that LUJ is developing. These experiential courses will surely be appealing to many foreign students studying abroad in Japan. In addition, they are great opportunities for domestic students of Japan to further their knowledge of the traditional culture of Japan. Since the coursework is all in English, these courses are also good ways to understand how Japanese culture is understood and explained by non-Japanese.

Lakeland University Japan looks forward to giving a unique experience to its students being an international university within Japan.