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LUJ x BGU 2nd Annual Presentation Contest Results

LUJ x BGU 2nd Annual Presentation Contest Results


LUJ x BGU 2nd Annual Presentation Contest Results

On November 15, Lakeland University Japan and Bunkyo Gakuin University held their 2nd Annual Presentation Contest on the eighth floor of BGU’s ‘B’ Building. Over 150 students watched ten four-minute presentations, five from LUJ and five from BGU, with winners chosen by four judges—two from each university—and the audience.

The topics covered a wide variety of themes, such as humanity’s current global issues, ancient history, embracing our differences, and finding our place in the world.

Contestants (in the order of presentation)

1) BGU: Fumiya Naito... “This World is Beautiful, but full of Problems”

2) LUJ: Taiga Shimizu... “The World is Your Oyster”

3) BGU: Naomi Kato... “The World is Cruel But There is Humanity”

4) LUJ: Maaya Inoue... “The World is a Soccer Ball”

5) BGU: Prasamsa Ghimire... “The World is in Turmoil”

6) LUJ: Takara Katsumata... “The World is Changing”

7) BGU: Chiu Ryu... “The World is Beautiful Because You Are Here”

8) LUJ: Eskander Khoshrou... “The World is a Huge Place”

9) BGU: Nao Oshima... “The World Is a Better Place Thanks to…”

10) LUJ: Jun Yoshida... “The World is Dying”

Prizes chosen by the judges

1st Place: Chiu Ryu (BGU)

2nd Place: Nao Oshima (BGU)

3rd Place: Jun Yoshida (LUJ)

Prizes chosen by the audience

Best of BGU: Chiu Ryu (BGU)

Best of LUJ: Jun Yoshida (LUJ)

One of LUJ’s judges, Dr. Paul Snowden (the other being Dean Charles Laurier) kindly shared a few of his thoughts with us. Dr. Snowden judged last year’s inaugural contest, but his history as a judge for BGU stretches back to before the 20th century, at BGU’s previous campus in Saitama. “I was personally happy to continue my long links.”

“Congratulations to everybody,” writes Dr. Snowden, “not only the prizewinners: everybody had shown determination and concentration over many weeks in their preparation.”

In particular, Dr. Snowden was also impressed with the pronunciation of one word… “Well done to most contestants with pronouncing the word "world"! Relying on the katakana ワールド, with a wide open mouth for the /w ɑː / is not good: you should completely relax your mouth, as if you were half asleep in a class, and say /wə:/. ə: is the easiest sound in the -er- world!

See below for pictures of each LUJ contestant, and stay tuned for information about next year's 3rd Annual LUJ x BGU Presentation Contest.