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LUJ Leadership Visits U.S. Embassy

LUJ Leadership Visits U.S. Embassy


LUJ Leadership Visits U.S. Embassy

Lakeland University Japan visited the U.S. Embassy in Akasaka to discuss various partnerships related to education.

Lakeland University President Beth Borgen and Executive Vice President Joshua Kutney were a part of the cohort, both of whom had flown from Lakeland’s home campus in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The visit is part of an ongoing effort to create innovative educational strategies between Japan and America. Sarah Belousov, the Education and Exchanges Officer at the embassy, greeted LUJ leadership.

Topics discussed included improving faculty access to research grants, as well as the embassy potentially sending a representative to LUJ’s 10th Annual Global Higher Education Conference in June 2024. The conference brings together faculty from nearly a dozen different countries.

"The U.S. Embassy plays a key role facilitating our communications with both the U.S. Government and the Japanese Ministry of Education," says Dean Charles Laurier. "We very much appreciate what they do for us."

Pictured (from left to right): LUJ Vice President Dr. Anderson Passos, Dr. Joshua Kutney, LUJ Dean Emeritus Dr. Alan Brender, Embassy Officer Sarah Belousov, Dr. Beth Borgen, and LUJ Dean Charles Laurier.