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【Important】Spring 2022 Textbook Distribution


【Important】Spring 2022 Textbook Distribution

Dear Undergraduate students,

With the spring 2022 semester just around the corner, LUJ Textbooks would like to give LUJ textbook distribution instructions to all Undergraduate students.

Please click the hyperlink ☞ Virtual Bookstore ☜ and read the given instructions carefully.

If you are confident in your current spring class schedule, please follow the instructions and pay for textbooks from the purchase links provided on the Virtual Bookstore. If you are NOT confident in your spring schedule yet (i.e. You may add/drop a class in the first week, etc.), you should NOT purchase any textbooks until you confirm your class schedule.

Sales period for textbooks starts December 9 and ends January 31st. Please access Virtual Bookstore accordingly.

Please note if you would like to receive your textbooks by the first day of the semester, please complete your payment by December 23rd.

  • When you buy printed (paperback/hard copy) textbooks, we send those to your home address which you will be asked to fill out when you complete online purchase, so please make sure to fill out the address you are able to receive them.
    You will be able to pick up textbooks at school from January 17th once you complete your purchase online.
  • When you purchase digital textbooks, you will receive a confirmation email from LUJ Textbooks to your LUJ email address within 2, 3 business days. Please read the email carefully for the further instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact LUJ Textbooks at