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【IMPORTANT・重要】COVID-19 Updates for Summer '23

【IMPORTANT・重要】COVID-19 Updates for Summer '23


【IMPORTANT・重要】COVID-19 Updates for Summer '23

As we approach the Summer ’23 (and future) semesters, please know that Lakeland University Japan continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and its periodic spikes in cases. The COVID-19 web page is always available for recent updates and information from the University. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and efforts as you follow the guidelines to ensure our campus and community remain safe and healthy.

For the Summer ’23 semester, LUJ will hold all classes in-person for both the EAP and Undergraduate programs. While we expect all students to attend classes in-person for the duration of the semester, we also understand there may be times or unique situations where the student needs to join a class or classes online. Please carefully read the information below to understand when online attendance is acceptable:

Students are expected to attend classes IN-PERSON unless you:

  1. Have recently tested positive for COVID-19, or the flu, or have been identified as a “close contact” by the local health office. You will need to contact and all your course instructors immediately.
  2. Are beginning to show signs of COVID-19 or flu-related symptoms (i.e. fever, etc.) and feel it is safer to attend a class(es) remotely. You are allowed a MAXIMUM of three consecutive days to monitor your symptoms and get tested if necessary. You are responsible for informing all your teachers of the reason you will join the class(es) online during that time. Failure to do so may result in you being marked absent. Each instructor will review his or her attendance policies with students at the start of the semester.
  3. Already have or are seeking approval for disability accommodations that allow you to take courses online. Disability accommodations that allow online class participation need to be approved in advance by the Disability Accommodations Committee, who can be reached at

It is important for students to understand that Lakeland University Japan is not an online degree-granting institution, and in-person attendance is expected. The options for online approvals listed above are only for the safety and benefit of the campus, and NOT for personal preference or choice.