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An LUJ Student Wins Top Math Award

An LUJ Student Wins Top Math Award


An LUJ Student Wins Top Math Award

A graduate of Lakeland University Japan, Kizuku Miyashita, was awarded the "Outstanding Student Award in Mathematics" at the Wisconsin Campus of Lakeland University on April 20th of 2023.

After achieving his Associate of Arts degree here in Japan, Kizuki transferred to the Wisconsin campus to undertake a double major in Computer Science as well as Mathematics.

"Kizuku was easily the top student in any Math class he took", stated Brian Murphy, a Math professor at Lakeland University Wisconsin during the Lakeland University Honors Banquet of 2023. 

By applying his in-depth knowledge of Computer Science to the basics of Mathematics, Kizuku was able to provide unique input that helped his professors learn even though they were the ones who were teaching him.

During his time at LUW he has worked as the President of the Japanese Association as well as a leader in the Badminton Club.

As stated by his Math Professor during the Honors Banquet, Kizuku would even present gifts from his homeland Japan to the students and faculty in Wisconsin.