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Interpreting the Past, Preparing the Future

About The Program

Understanding the past will help you comprehend the present and prepare for the future. A History degree will strengthen your diploma and indicate strong versatility and knowledge.

History is the core of the liberal arts. It provides an essential foundation for approaching and understanding life, culture, politics and economics and is an ideal major for success in politics, law, business and life.

Latest Stories


ICAN and Peace Boat Member Akira Kawasaki Wants Nuclear Weapons to be Abolished

Nov. 13, 2023

Kawasaki's Lakeland Lecture was sponsored by LUJ and Bunkyo Gakuin Read More...


Embassy of Mexico in Japan Representative Emmanuel Trinidad Hernández Speaks at LUJ

Nov. 10, 2023

Mr. Trinidad Hernández talked to students about Dia De Muertos... Read More...


The Lakeland Lecture Series Presents: Akira Kawasaki

Oct. 27, 2023

In partnership with Bunkyo Gakuin University. Nov. 8.

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