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Communicate to the Ever-Changing World

Communication is a broad field encompassing the study of and practice in a breadth of areas in mass media. It includes training in the production of mass media such as print and online journalism, advertising and public relations, and video production, as well as the scholarly study of mass media institutions and their roles in society.

When it comes to communication, dramatic change is ongoing, and the traditional ways of reaching an audience simply aren't sustainable – at least on their own. Here at Lakeland University, we are on the cutting edge of the Communication Revolution, and you will be too.

It's a new media world, and the way we choose to address that fact is by making 'new media' the center piece of the puzzle for our Communication major. We've got something new going on, because the curriculums at other colleges and universities just isn't cutting it. They haven't caught on, and we have. 

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