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Business Administration

Business Administration

The current acceleration of change in the workplace is unparalleled in recorded history. The ability to think on one’s feet and adapt to a variety of environments is critical to professional success. A student who majors in business will develop the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to thrive in the ever-changing world of business.

Business Administration

Be a Business Major

With a choice of highly relevant emphases that will separate you from the pack of students who simply major in “business” at other schools. If your objective is to gain broad exposure to the business curriculum in a macro sense, while honing one or more specific areas of expertise, this is the major for you.


  • Broad-based business education is appropriate for managerial positions in business, government, and other enterprises.
  • Lakeland's home and Japan campus, along with VWU's locations offer students the ability to gain extensive professional work experiences, in a variety of professional business settings.

The combination of broad-based and specific knowledge in business opens doors into marketing and finance, as well as leadership positions in private industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. In its comprehensiveness and commitment to developing problem-solving and decision-making skills, the business administration program is designed to help its graduates succeed anywhere. 

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