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19 July 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear all Academic students,

The final exam schedule has been set.
Please check your exam day with the image below or click here(*Shown in BOLD means not regular day or classroom.)

 SU20 Final Exam Schedule 01

Academic Affairs

14 July 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear LUJ Academic Students,

There is an error on the Fall 2020 class schedule and it has been UPDATED (July 14, 2020). 

  -Microeconomics with Mr. Kotykhov (Wed/ Fri) is section 2. (ECN230.J1 ⇒ECN230.J2)  

Please go to the Student Resources page to view it or download a copy.

Thank you,

Academic Affairs

13 July 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear LUJ Academic Students,

We have sent you an email regarding your registration day, so please check your LUJ email for your registration day. 

If you have any questions, please contact Academic Affairs ().

Thank you,  

Academic Affiars

13 July 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Just in time for registration advising starting today, find the first draft of the Fall 2020 schedule in the image link below. It is downloadable as a 2.4 MB PDF file, or as a smaller PNG image file.


07 July 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear LUJ students,

This is to inform you that yesterday we have sent an email to all the current students regarding the second round for the Emergency Student Support Handout. (”学生支援緊急給給付金”). Please carefully read the flow chart that is attached to the email.

Student Affairs




01 July 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students,

Due to the ever-changing Coronavirus pandemic situation, the LUJ administration has decided to postpone the advising period by a week.  The period will now start the week of July 14, instead of the week starting July 7, and it will end on July 24. We have changed the dates to allow the administration more time to create the class schedule for the Fall term. The start of the registration period will also be moved back a week from July 20 to July 27. The withdrawal deadline for students will stay the same. 

This postponement means you will have a little more time before you need to meet with your advisor to discuss the classes you wish to take next semester. Nonetheless, you should try to contact your advisor soon to set up an appointment, so that you can be among the first they advise.  

At present, we do not have a schedule for next semester because we are still analyzing the data from the survey you recently completed to help make our decisions. I am very grateful to all of you who took time to complete the survey. Based on the results of the student and faculty surveys, we will decide how many, if any, classes will be held on campus and how many will be online.  Even if some classes will be held on campus, you, as a student, can choose to follow the class online. 

New dates for Advising and Registration

Advising       BeginsJuly 14
                      Ends  July 24

Registration    Starts July 27
                         Ends July 30

Thanks for being patient, and I hope your classes are going well. 

Dr. Alan Brender

26 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear students,

 As we start re-opening the campus for some of the EAP TOEFL workshops and Academic classes, we have created a COVID-19 guideline for students. This resource has also been added to the Students Resources page.

 We would like all of you to take a look at this guideline even if you are not planning to come to campus in the near future. For students who have any plans on coming to the campus, please take a look before your visit the school.

Student Affairs



来週からEAP生向けのTOEFL Workshopや教養課程の一部の授業を対面で行うにあたり、新型コロナウィルスに関するLUJ生向けのガイドラインを作成し、Student Resroucesのページにアップいたしました。日々の生活においての注意点、登校に関する基準等が書かれています。



24 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Academic Students,

Due to the continuous closure of the LUJ campus, we will use the same procedure from the previous semester for Course Withdrawal to best accommodate the current situation. For those who wish to withdraw from a course, please carefully read our advice and follow the instructions shown below.



  1. Before you make up your mind on withdrawing from a course, please make sure that you consult with your instructor to find the true status of your course progress. Your instructor may have a different view on your outcome of your final grade.
  2. No payment refunds (including time and efforts you have already invested).
  3. Your expected graduation term may be extended due to the shortage of credit hours by withdrawing from a course this term.
  4. The course level that you can register for may be affected.
  5. If you are on the school-sponsored visa, you may not reduce your workload below nine semester hours after withdrawing from one or more courses. If you also repeatedly withdraw from courses and slow down on your academic progress, you may increase the chance of not getting your student visa renewed by the Immigration Bureau.



Instead of coming to the Academic Affairs office to pick up the withdrawal form, the students who wish to withdraw from a course may send an email request.

     Please send your request to the following parties:
               To: Academic Affairs ()
               CC: Your Instructor and Academic Advisor

     Required information to include in order to successfully withdraw from your course:
               Full Name:
               LUJ Student ID:
               LUW Student ID:
               Course Code and Section (e.g. GEN100.J1):
               Title of course (e.g. Writing Workshop):
               Credit hours (e.g. 1 cr., 3 cr., or 4 cr.):
               Do you have a school-sponsored visa? (Answer by Yes or No):
               Do you receive military benefits? (Answer by Yes or No):
               Do you receive U.S. Financial Aid? (Answer by Yes or No):


Should you have any questions, please contact Academic Affairs at

Academic Affairs

18 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students,

Many of you are very eager to return to your classrooms, teachers and friends, but, to safeguard your health, we do not want to rush the opening of the school. Here are some updates on visiting the campus, which have been revised as of June 19, 2020. 

June 22 -26:

You will be able to visit the library with an appointment to check out books, use reference materials in the library, make photocopies, and spend a limited amount of time at a computer in the library. The librarian will be there multiple days throughout the week. Make an appointment with Mr. Laurier () by e-mail, as seating will be restricted to ensure proper social distancing. 

You can also make appointments with staff members in the student or academic affairs offices. The counselor is available online should you wish to seek her assistance in coping with the heavy stress many of you feel. You can make an appointment with the counselor through the Student Affairs office or directly with her if you have had previous meetings.

I am proud at how mature and innovative all of you have become in adjusting to your online courses and overcoming the many technical, scheduling, economic and personal difficulties you have faced. I know you will continue to be vigilant and health conscious. If you decide to visit the campus this week, take the following precautions:

  • checking your temperature before coming in. If you have a temperature of 37.5, please refrain from coming to the campus
  • wearing a facemask (required)
  • keeping as much distance from other passengers on the trains as you can
  • avoiding close contact with your friends, classmates, staff and faculty members
  • utilizing the hand disinfectant when entering the campus and frequently washing your hands  


June 29 - July 3:

1) EAP students: faculty will hold voluntary two-hour workshops offering tactics for improving TOEFL scores for interested students. These workshops are available to all EAP students regardless of level. However, space is limited, so only those with appointments will be admitted.

These voluntary workshops will be held instead of the earlier announced live classes.  You need to make an appointment if you wish to participate. The early session will be from 11:00 - 13:00, and the later session from 13:30 - 15:30. The workshops will be held for three weeks. Your EAP class schedule may change to accommodate the workshops, so please talk with your EAP instructors for details.  

2) Academic students: Mondays will be reserved for a few academic courses, such as Public Speaking, Drawing or Web Design. The first in-person Public Speaking class will take place on Monday, July 6. Please check with your instructor for details.


Most academic and EAP classes will continue online for the rest for the semester in order to protect you during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic. We hope to reopen more classes, if not all, in the fall semester, but it is too early to make any promises.  Please be patient.

Remember that the campus is reopening to allow you educational opportunities.  It is still too dangerous to hold social activities. We know you have not seen many of your LUJ friends in a long time, but this is not the time to hug them or to sit in closely-knit groups. Maintain your distance to stay healthy and to ensure your friends stay healthy too.

As time goes on, and conditions become clearer, we will inform you of any further developments. Please be patient.

Thank you, 


Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan

18 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog
Dear Students,
Financial Affairs will send you an important email regarding how LUJ will send invoices to you, so please check your LUJ email.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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