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16 May 2017 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students,


We have maintenance of elevator on Thursday, May 18th from 10:15 to 11:15.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

01 May 2017 By In LUJ Blog
Dear ALL LUJ Students,

As new semester starts from May 8th, please come to the 7th floor of main building and validate your student ID card after May 8th.  
It expires every semester, so your student ID expires on May 7th unless you receive the stamp from the Administrative Office.

Some of you have not yet exchanged your student ID card in past semester which also means you have not yet updated the card by receiving the stamp from the office.  
It might take few minutes to transfer the sticker from old card to new one, but you need to com
e and update your card as the new card has more information printed on it.  

If you have any overdue payment, you cannot renew your student ID card so please make sure that you have paid all the payment to the school.

5.01 Studnet ID Renewal

Administrative Office
30 April 2017 By In LUJ Blog
To all EAP students,

Please see updated class schedule posted down below. 

New Classroom : 2C

New Classroom : 2A

New Classroom : SGC5

New Classroom : SGC6

5.1.17 New EAP Class Schedule

Administrative Office
30 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog
To all LA students, 

We will have MANDATORY academic orientation for all LA students moving up to the academic program.
You could find detailed schedule down below, so make sure to make yourself available for this session.


LUJ Admin. Office
28 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog
Dear student who use lockers,

Please return the locker key during dates and time listed below.

*Students who want to use the locker must follow these rules.

If these rules are broken, the student will be forbidden to use lockers.

  1. Not returning the key by the end of the semester: No refund (automatically).

  2. If students could not return their keys on time, they must contact the President of the SAB locker key department. ()

  3. If No contact before the deadline, students will not get a refund even if they contact after.

  4. All materials in the locker will be disposed after the deadline (Please contact if you have any question)

  • Date & Time for Returning Locker Keys:

April 3 (Mon.) 13:05~15:00

April 4 (Tue.) 11:00~13:00

April 5 (Wed.) 11:45~13:45

  • Place: 5th Floor


20 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog
Dear students,

As you know, the waiting lists remain active only until the end of main registration period. Once registration ends, if there are no open seats in the classes, we cancel all the waitlist entries. If you were not contacted by us, then your desired waitlist positions did not open up. Your requests are not saved from this point.

There is still another possibility that seats could open over the Spring break. If you are still interested in the classes you waitlisted for, you can come to the Administrative office on the 7th floor at LUJ on Monday, May 8th, and ask about the availabilities. You must come and make the request; since the waitlists are now deleted, we will not be doing any assignments based on past requests.

If the course you wish to take is full, you can again try to sign up for the paper waitlist again.

Please note that we do not provide any availability information through phone call or email messages; you must come to the 7th floor in person to either check the availability and/or put yourself on the waitlist.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Administrative Office.

LUJ Administrative Office
14 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog

Dear All academic students,

Here is the final exam schedule for Spring 2017, which is also posted on every floor in the main LUJ building. 

Please check dates and time, and take exams accordingly.

 Sp17 Final

If you have any questions regarding final exam, please confirm with your instructor.

LUJ Admin. Office

13 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog

Dear LI-1, HI-1, and LA-1 students,

From tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14), there will be classroom changes. The changes are as follows:

LI-1:   Change from LUJ 2A to SGC5 (SGC 4th floor)

HI-1:   Change from SGC6 to LUJ 2B

LA-1:   Change from SGC5 to LUJ 2A

For tomorrow's class, please directly go to the designated classroom. If you have any questions, consult with your EAP instructors. 

LUJ Administrative Office

07 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog


The LUJ Campus Open Hours during weekends in March are now posted on the message boards. We only open the 1F, 4F and 5F of LUJ's Main Building and those will be available for study purposes. 

Please be aware the Admin Office (7F) and all support services will not be available during those days. 

 LUJ Administrative Office

 Campus Hours March 2017

01 March 2017 By In LUJ Blog

To students taking Music History and Appreciations (MUS120.J1)

Due to the instructor's abcence on March 7th and 9th, both classes will be cancelled and will be rescheduled on the following dates.


Cancelled Class Make-up Class Time Room
March 7th March 6th 3:00-4:30 3C
March 9th March 13th 3:00-4:30 3C
March 30th March 27th 3:00-4:30 3C


Should you have any questions, please contact your instructor.

LUJ Administrative Office

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