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07 January 2021 By In LUJ Blog

To Academic Students,

There has been an update made to the Add/Drop Period schedule (see below).

   Add/Drop period for the Spring 2021 semester:

   START: 8:30 am on Tuesday, January 5th

   CLOSE: 11:59 18:00 pm on Friday, January 8th

The changes are made due to the urgent system upgrade that the main campus has to operate. During the system upgrade made onto the school's main database, all the related systems such as My.Lakeland may be interrupted and you may not be able to change your courses. The support from the Academic Affairs department is available until 16:00 pm by phone and email on Friday, January 8th, so beyond that point of time, please first try adding and dropping courses on your own through My.Lakeland. Then if you find any problems, please email at , and we will respond to you request when we resume our operation on Tuesday, January 12th if you send your request until 11:59 pm on Friday.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at .

Academic Affairs

06 January 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Students,

Welcome back. I hope your classes are starting well this spring semester. As you know, nearly all classes are being held online.  However, both the Academic and EAP programs will be offering limited – and completely voluntary – in-person options for the time being.

The Academic Program will again be offering a limited number of in-person classes on Mondays, beginning January 18th. These classes, include language classes such as Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, and Public Speaking, offer students the option to attend in-person or online, so students may choose their option each week.

The EAP program will again offer in-person workshops one day per week with Mr. Cline, beginning next week.  The day of the week will depend on the EAP level in which the students are enrolled, so please confirm your date with your instructors.

Unfortunately, as you know the Covid pandemic is still with us, and we may have to make alterations in live classes if the conditions require it. Please do not attend these classes if you feel ill or may be a risk to someone in your household.

It is important for students to notify the Student Affairs office if they have tested positive, or if they have been in close proximity to someone who tested positive. To safeguard other students, faculty and especially staff, it is important that we receive any information and updates you are able to provide.

Before attending a live class, please take your temperature and choose the least crowded means of traveling to the campus.  If you show signs of any common symptom, such as a fever, loss of taste or smell, or fatigue, please stay home and participate in your classes online.

The Japanese government is expected to issue additional guidelines soon. At this point, we do not expect them to affect educational institutions like ours, but we must be prepared. Any decision or change to the class format and/or campus hours will be shared with students via the LUJ blog and direct email to your LUJ accounts. Please make sure to check for these updates daily and stay in touch with the university.

Your health and well-being are our top concern, and we ask everyone to please stay safe and use caution when you are outside your home, especially when traveling.

Keep us updated on any issues you may have with the Corona Virus, and even remotely, please remember we at LUJ are here to offer as much support as possible as you continue your studies. Our LUJ students, staff, and faculty have done such an amazing job staying together and working through these unique challenges; we are so proud of your efforts and look forward to another successful semester and year.




教養課程は1月18日より、月曜日に実施する一部のクラスにおいて対面授業を行います。対面授業を実施するクラスは、Chinese, Japanese, Spanish、そしてPublic Speakingなどの語学に関わる授業となっており、対面で参加するかオンラインで参加するかを週ごとに学生が選択できる仕組みになっています。





日本政府は、近いうちに追加のガイドラインを発表する予定です。本校のような教育機関に影響を与えるようなガイドラインではないと現時点では見込んでいますが、私たちは常にいかなることにも対応できるように準備をしておく必要があります。今後、クラスの形式やキャンパスの開館時間に何かしらの変更が生じる場合は、LUJ Blog並びに皆様のLUJのメールアドレス宛にその内容を通知いたします。日々、Blogやメールを確認し、大学との連絡を保つようにしてください。




Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan

06 January 2021 By In LUJ Blog

Dear EAP students,

January class schedule for EAP Video/Non-video/On-campus class schedule has been updated on the Student Resources Page under the "CALENDARS & SCHEDULES" tab for the EAP Program. Please note that there are NO CLASSES held on January 11 (Mon).

The Advising Guide for EAP Students has also been updated. Please check the "ADVISING & SUPPORT RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS" tab for the EAP Program on the Student Resources Page.


EAP Affairs

25 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

To All LUJ Academic Students,

There has been an update on the Add/Drop closing time. Please refer below for the new schedule.

Starting from the first day of the semester, Tuesday, January 5th at 8:30 am, Add/Drop period will start. If you wish to change your registration, please log into My.Lakeland as you usually do online registration for the subsequent semester.

Add/Drop period for the Spring 2021 semester:

START: 8:30 am on Tuesday, January 5th

CLOSE: 11:59  18:00 pm on Friday, January 8th  



1. If there are available seats for the courses you are interested in, you can add the course and drop something instead.                (Note: You are NOT permitted to drop the required courses listed below that you have already registered unless it is a section change for the same course.)

Writing Workshop


Reading Workshop


Composition I


Composition II


Foundations of Critical Thinking


2. Please let your advisor know for an approval every time you make a change to your registration on My.Lakeland. Your registration is NOT DONE yet until your advisor approves your course, which will change the course status under the “Course Schedule” section of My.Lakeland to Current from Reserved. Make sure to log back into My.Lakeland some time later and check the status. If the courses have not been approved after 2 days, please check with your advisor.

[For new academic students: Since your academic advisor will be assigned after Add/Drop period, please contact Academic Affairs for an approval if you make a change to your registration.]

3. No submission of Add/Drop form is needed.


If your intended course is still full on My.lakeland, there is an online waiting list and you can be on the list if you would like. The online waiting list, however, does not guarantee registration for classes and most students do not get into those waitlisted classes, please do not drop any courses you have registered at the time of signing up on an online waitlist.                                               Academic Affairs will contact you directly if a seat becomes available in the class you are waitlisted for. You must give Academic Affairs the confirmation by its deadline. Please keep checking your phone and LUJ email. Otherwise, all waiting lists will be cancelled on Tuesday, January 12th.

This term, because the Add/Drop period is scheduled for four days only, if you have a special reason for switching your courses after the add/drop period closed, please contact Academic Affairs (). Academic Affairs will get back to you on January 12th.

Academic Affairs

25 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear LUJ continuing students,

Starting from January 5th, we will be mailing a new back sticker (for your student ID card) to students whose SP21 tuition payment is confirmed. The sticker verifies your enrollment in SP21 semester and will be sent to your current address. 

Student Affairs

23 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

To LUJ students,

We have updated the LUJ COVID-19 Sanitizing Protocol for the SP21 semester on our Student Resources page. Please read it through and make yourself familiar with it!

 Student Affairs

23 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear EAP students,

Spring 2021 EAP Class Schedule and EAP Term Calendar is now available on the Student Resources Page. Please keep checking the Student Resource page as we will be posting updates versions of the schedule and calendar there.

EAP Affairs

18 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear all,

Spring 2021 Academic Schedule has been modified and upated. Please check the Student Resources page of this website for the PDF file, and please also find what changes have occured under the "Notes:" which is always located on the top right corner of the file.

Academic Affairs

16 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

To all, 

The Tetxbook list for the spring semester is now abailabe!

Please check the blog, 【Important】Spring 2021 Textbook Orders, for order infromation. 


Please contact Yuko Takamatsu at


LUJ Textbook Department

14 December 2020 By In LUJ Blog

Dear Academic students, 


With the Spring 2021 semester just around the corner, we are happy to introduce a more streamlined system for viewing and ordering your course textbooks.
A new feature has been added to the LUJ website, allowing you to select your course(s), review textbook information.


If you are confident in your current spring schedule, please follow the instructions below and submit the agreement form by midnight on 12/23 (Wed) to receive your textbooks before the spring semester begins. If you are not, you can still submit the form by 1/10 (Sun), but please note that you WILL NOT receive your books by the first day of classes. 
Once you submit the form you will not be able to change again.
If you are NOT confident in your spring schedule yet (i.e. You may add/drop a class in the first week, etc.), you should NOT complete the form until you confirm your schedule and courses.


Please contact Yuko Takamatsu at .
LUJ Textbook Department

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