LUJ Grads Hired to Open Hotel in Okinawa

27 September 2016 In LUJ News
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Lakeland Japan graduates Eigo Tokuyama (2013) and Naoki Murakami (2012) are using their Hosplitality degrees in exciting ways. Both graduates attended the LU Japan and Wisconsin campuses, completed their hospitality internships overseas, and now find themselves launching hospitality careers on the beautiful beaches of Okinawa, Japan. 

Eigo and Naoki's first job after graduation: helping launch the newest Hyatt Regency hotel in Naha, Okinawa. Eigo was hired as a part of the Premier Hotel Group - owned by the major Japanese real estate company Ken Real Estate Lease. Naoki now works for the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and was hired directly by the Hyatt Regency and will continue his career at the Okinawa property full time. 

Both graduates seem quite happy settling into their new hotel careers and island life. Naoki says "it's exciting going to work in such brand new facilities. Our property offers some of the highest quality servcies, and I work with really encouraging managers. This is letting me learn so many new and valuable hospitality skills". Eigo is also enjoying his Okinawa position, but explains "I will only be here for another few months. I've entered a training and development program that moves me to a different hotel every six months. But that's exciting too - a new place and new department every six months is going to give me some great exposure to the industry."

Eigo and Naoki speak highly of their experiences at Lakeland University. Eigo mentions "having gone through both the Tokyo and Wisconsin campuses, I really felt prepared to begin my career. I had great professors with so much knowledge about the industry. And the things I learned are suddently a part of my every day life. Whether it be Excel, hotel words like 'Revpar' and 'ADR', or even how to read financial sheets - it all helped me prepare for this".

For these two Japan and Wisconsin graduates - finding themselves living and working in Okinawa and at the same property brought some great feelings of accomplishments. Eigo adds "it was suprising to hear we're ending up at the same property, especially considering our companies are different. But it's great to be here and know someone - especially someone who's gone through so many of the same experiences".  


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