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08 August 2016 In LUJ News
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Alex BLUJ Academic, EAP students, and Alumni participating in a new volunteer Note-Taking Project

Knowledge means sharing; knowledge means selfless devotion to others; knowledge means giving all you can and expecting no rewards in return: that is what the volunteers in the new Note-taking Project at LUJ believed in as they decided to help EAP students in need during Summer 2016 Semester.

More than ten academic students and two LUJ alumni attended EAP classes every weekday from the first to the last week of the semester. After finishing their academic classes in the morning, they joined the afternoon EAP classes from 13:25 to 18:00. By participating in this new volunteer project, the academic students learned how to take notes for language learners with hearing impairment, how to communicate using the sign language, and in a broader sense, how to assist EAP students who need a helping hand.

The atmosphere of warm encouragement created in class by the EAP instructors Mr. Michael Stowe, Mr. Valdorian Cline, and Ms. Aileen Inoue, helped the volunteering LUJ academic students and alumni to do their best for supporting the EAP program. We are proud of our LUJ students and alumni, who are building bridges of true humanity at LUJ through their outstanding volunteer work.

Thank you, Yu Suenaga and Kozue Sasamoto, Ikko Nishimura and Teresa Ueunten, Alexander Brein and Yukiko Ito, Miki Yamanaka and Homatsu Nakafuku, Mitsuho Ichikawa and Daiki Kojima, Saki Shibukawa and Kazuki Togashi, Minami Kojima and Kenji Narumiya, Yosuke Ota and Moe Furusawa! 


 Ikko Yu                note taking

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