Add/Drop System Closed Unexpectedly

30 April 2021 By Academic Affairs In LUJ Blog
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Dear Academic students,

Academic Affairs has just received a report from a student that My.Lakeland's Registration feature became not in active all of sudden. This means our Add/Drop system has closed unexpectedly. 

There has been no information received from the main campus about the earlier closure, however, as the main campus resumes its operation half day later than our Japan time, please follow the new instruction below.

If you wish to change your courses:
  1. Check My.Lakeland and find the seat availability of the course that you wish to ADD.
  2. Email Academic Affairs at  with the information of which course to add AND which course to DROP by 11:59 PM of today, April 30th, 2021.

Academic Affairs will get back to the requests that arrive before the deadline with the result whether your requests are accommodated or not (Please be warned for the delay in process as the office is not in service for 24-7.)

Academic Affairs

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