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A Message from the Dean - Summer Courses, Advising

22 February 2021 By In LUJ Blog
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LUJ students,

Please see the following message from your dean, Dr. Brender:


Dear Students

Advising for the Summer semester will begin today, Monday (February 22), for Academic students, and I can imagine that you have many questions especially since we will be starting a four-year-degree program next semester.

An immediate question many of you may have is whether classes will be online.  The answer is that we are planning online classes because the pandemic has not ebbed sufficiently in Tokyo.  Like the current semester, we will hold a few live classes on Mondays for the Academic students, mainly language classes (Chinese, Japanese and Spanish) and Public Speaking. 

EAP students will continue to have one live class per week with the phenomenally talented teacher, Mr. Valdorean Cline. EAP students will be assigned a specific day for the live classes, depending on their level within the EAP program. 

Attending live classes will be voluntary for both Academic and EAP students; you will not be required to attend them. Of courses, we at LUJ will continue to take precautions such as sanitizing seating areas, providing proper distancing between desks, ensuring hand sanitizer is available and taking other safety precautions.  You will be asked to wear a mask, take your temperature before arriving on campus, and avoid socializing with each other before and after the class.  We hope the live classes will give you an added incentive to learn while keeping you and your families safe.

This semester advising will be more important than in the past as new pathways are available to you beside the traditional two-year Associate of Arts degree.  You can proceed to a B.A. degree at LUJ or transfer to sister schools in Wisconsin or Virginia.  For more details about the different pathways, please check the information on the blogs or on Google documents. You can also contact the Student Affairs office. Of course, to efficiently plan your way forward, you will need to carefully select the courses necessary to attain your personal goal.

As pioneers in these new opportunities, you will face challenges as you forge ahead. You will need to focus on your future and make significant decisions that will enable you to attain your goal in the shortest time and at the least expense. The LUJ advisors, staff and administrators will advise you as best they can, but ultimately many of the decisions lie with you. Talk with your advisor, your parents, and LUJ staff, check the information on the LUJ blog, and attend information sessions.

I wish you a rewarding advising session, success in the current semester, and a fruitful term ahead.


-Student Affairs

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