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Message from the Dean: In-person classes reminder and request of self-restraint

14 January 2021 By In LUJ Blog
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Dear Students,

As you know, some of our classes are being held in person, but only for students willing and able to come to the campus and who don't pose a threat to anyone in their household. Attending these classes is completely voluntary.

On Monday, the first in-person academic classes will beheld for language courses (Chinese, Japanese and Spanish) as well as for Public Speaking. Students in these classes can opt to attend the live Monday sessions; other sessions will be held on-line. EAP students started in-person classes on Tuesday of this week, with each day allotted to a different level.  All of you who have decided to take these classes need to follow strict guidelines, such as taking your temperature before coming to the campus, wearing a facemask and avoiding unnecessary travel and socializing. We expect all students to only attend classes and not to congregate together or join friends for lunch or coffee, particularly since we are now facing an upsurge in the number of Covid virus cases in the greater Tokyo area.

The Japanese government has declared a state of emergency in Tokyo, as well as Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures, due to rapidly spreading Covid infections and  increasing number of cases. Accordingly, we urge all Lakeland students to follow procedures to prevent the further spread of infections. We strongly request you to strictly observe the following guidelines for the duration of the emergency.


1. Refrain from all non-urgent or non-essential trips outside your home.

We strongly request that you stay indoors and refrain from going outside, when not necessary; that you strictly avoid "closed," "crowded," or "close-contact" environments; that all necessary trips outside are kept short; and that you refrain from traveling between cities or prefectures. 

2. Refrain from dinning with others.

Because eating and drinking requires people to remove their masks, the risk of infection is greatly increased.  In addition, often people dine in confined spaces, further increasing the risk. Saliva droplets can easily spread in an enclosed environment, and this has been a major source of the recent spread of infections. We urge you refrain from having lunch, other meals or even cups of coffee with others.

3. Refrain from extracurricular activities.

We strongly request that you refrain from all extracurricular activities involving face-to-face practice, meetings, events, etc.

4. Please continue to be vigilant by maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask, practicing hand-washing and gargling. Avoid the "3 Cs" (closed spaces/crowded places/close contact) so that you neither get infected nor infect others.

Always stay up to date with announcements and information issued by national and local governments and behave accordingly. Be sure to look for updates from LUJ as well. There are cases of people suffering serious after-effects, even if they only experienced mild symptoms initially. Careless behavior has the potential to indirectly contribute to serious conditions in others. Please conduct yourself with responsibility and sound judgment so as to protect the lives and livelihoods of yourself, your family, and your friends.

What to do if you become or may be infected

If you do get infected or suspect you may be infected with COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the disease, please immediately report this to the Student Affairs office at .

I hope those of you choosing to take live classes will enjoy them and learn much from them.

But above all, stay safe.


Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan




教養課程の最初の対面授業は、来週月曜日に、語学の授業(Chinese、Japanese、Spanish)とPublic Speakingのクラスで実施されます。これらのクラスの学生は、オンラインで授業に出席することも選択できます。その他のクラスは完全オンラインで実施されます。EAPではすでに今週火曜日に対面授業が開始されており、曜日によって異なるレベルの授業が実施されています。対面授業の受講を選択する場合、大学に来る前の検温、マスクの着用、不要不急の移動や付き合いを控える等、ガイドラインを厳守するようお願いします。東京とその近郊では新型コロナウイルス感染者数が急増しているため、授業に出席する場合であっても、友人と集まって飲食することのないよう、十分ご注意ください。


1. 全ての不要不急の外出を控えること


 2. 会食を控えること


 3. 課外活動を控えること


4. 人との距離を保つ、マスクを着用する、手洗いやうがいなどを引き続き怠らないでください。三つの密(密閉、密集、密接)を避け、自身が感染しないよう、また自身が感染源とならないようにしてください。







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