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[Schedule Changed] Add/Drop Period and Waiting List for Spring 2021

25 December 2020 By Academic Affairs In LUJ Blog
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To All LUJ Academic Students,

There has been an update on the Add/Drop closing time. Please refer below for the new schedule.

Starting from the first day of the semester, Tuesday, January 5th at 8:30 am, Add/Drop period will start. If you wish to change your registration, please log into My.Lakeland as you usually do online registration for the subsequent semester.

Add/Drop period for the Spring 2021 semester:

START: 8:30 am on Tuesday, January 5th

CLOSE: 11:59  18:00 pm on Friday, January 8th  



1. If there are available seats for the courses you are interested in, you can add the course and drop something instead.                (Note: You are NOT permitted to drop the required courses listed below that you have already registered unless it is a section change for the same course.)

Writing Workshop


Reading Workshop


Composition I


Composition II


Foundations of Critical Thinking


2. Please let your advisor know for an approval every time you make a change to your registration on My.Lakeland. Your registration is NOT DONE yet until your advisor approves your course, which will change the course status under the “Course Schedule” section of My.Lakeland to Current from Reserved. Make sure to log back into My.Lakeland some time later and check the status. If the courses have not been approved after 2 days, please check with your advisor.

[For new academic students: Since your academic advisor will be assigned after Add/Drop period, please contact Academic Affairs for an approval if you make a change to your registration.]

3. No submission of Add/Drop form is needed.


If your intended course is still full on My.lakeland, there is an online waiting list and you can be on the list if you would like. The online waiting list, however, does not guarantee registration for classes and most students do not get into those waitlisted classes, please do not drop any courses you have registered at the time of signing up on an online waitlist.                                               Academic Affairs will contact you directly if a seat becomes available in the class you are waitlisted for. You must give Academic Affairs the confirmation by its deadline. Please keep checking your phone and LUJ email. Otherwise, all waiting lists will be cancelled on Tuesday, January 12th.

This term, because the Add/Drop period is scheduled for four days only, if you have a special reason for switching your courses after the add/drop period closed, please contact Academic Affairs (). Academic Affairs will get back to you on January 12th.

Academic Affairs

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