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A Message From the Dean

08 June 2020 By In LUJ Blog
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Dear Students,

I hope your classes are going well and that the technical difficulties of taking classes online are diminishing.  As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be ebbing, many rumors have begun surfacing about when LUJ will be reopened and classes will be offered again in person.

Many of you are very eager to return to your classrooms, teachers and friends, but to safeguard your health, we do not want to rush the opening of the school, so we will do it in stages.


Stage 1: June 8 - June 12 (limited appointments for specific purposes)

I am happy to announce that the first stage will begin this week.  In this stage, you can visit the campus for a specific purpose (i.e. pick up items left behind, take books out of the library, meet with staff members, pay school fees, etc.). Appointments must be made in advance by sending an email to the person you wish to see, waiting for a positive response, and then visiting the campus at the appointed date and time

You can make appointments between 11:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. The librarian will be available Thursday and Friday this week. Check with staff on their availability.  The last appointment should be at 3:30.


Stage 2: June 15 - June 19 (limited time for expanded visits)

Stage 2 will start next week.  You will be able to check reference materials in the library for short periods of time, make photocopies, and spend a limited amount of time at a computer in the library. Please remember to keep proper social distance, to wear a face mask (required), and disinfect your hands frequently.


Stage 3: June 22 - TBA (limited return of EAP / Academic courses)

While most EAP sections will remain online, some specific EAP classes (HB and LI) will begin meeting on campus from Tuesday through Friday. Monday classes will continue through the current zoom platforms. 

The EAP class schedules will be restructured to meet between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Students will be given the choice each day to either attend the class in person, or continue participating in the live class via Zoom.  Only larger classrooms that allow for proper social distancing will be used, and teachers will inform their students of the new room assignments. 

Mondays will be reserved for a few academic courses as needed, such as Public Speaking, Drawing or Web Design. Students unable or unwilling to attend live classes may continue participating online. The instructors will notify you whether there will be any changes in the venue of your class(es).

Most academic and EAP classes will continue online for the rest for the semester in order to protect you during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to reopen most classes, if not all in the fall semester, but it is too early to make any promises.  Please be patient and follow the communication and updates from your teachers. Remember that the campus is reopening to allow you educational opportunities.  It is still too dangerous to hold social activities. 

If you do come to the campus, please follow all the safeguards listed below. 


On-Campus Safeguards (may change due to changing conditions)

1. All students visiting the campus must wear a mask (required)

2. Maintain social distancing 

3. Do not remain on campus outside of class time to socialize in groups

4. If attending a class, you must record your temperature that morning. If your temperature is above 37.5 degrees, please stay home and participate online. 


We know you have not seen many of your LUJ friends in a long time, but this is not the time to group or to sit in closely-knit groups. Maintain your distance to stay healthy.

As time goes on, and conditions become clearer, we will inform you of any further developments. Please be patient, and continue the great work you have put forth so far this semester. 



Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan

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