Information on Japanese Government financial support (「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』について)

25 May 2020 By In LUJ Blog
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To All LUJ Students,


Welcome to the new semester!  The state of emergency is continuing for a while, but we hope circumstances will change for the better very soon.


This is to inform you that the Japanese Government is offering financial support called “「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』” to students (Japanese and non-Japanese) in higher education who have suffered financially because of the pandemic.  

LUJ is inviting all students who have been affected to apply for government funding. All EAP and Academic students, including International students are eligible. LUJ has set the tentative application deadline for June 10 (Wed)We are currently confirming the details and preparing to open up the application to our students. We appreciate your patience while we make the appropriate preparations and can deliver more detailed information/application process to you.

If you are thinking of applying for Japanese government funding, please start preparing the necessary information/documents so that you will be able to submit the application form and the necessary documents as soon as more detailed information is announced. Please see below for details provided on the Ministry of Education [MEXT] website. The English is LUJ’s own rough translation. Please see the original information at the MEXT's website (available in Japanese only) at


Conditions that students should fulfill

Students should fulfill conditions 1-6 (items in italics)

(1)    Living independently of family, self-financing with part-time work

1 No large financial support from family

2 In principle, living away from home

3 High proportion of financial support for study and living from part-time work

4 Extra family support cannot be expected since family income has also been reduced

(2)     Income greatly reduced as a result of Novel Coronavirus pandemic

5 Income from part-time work greatly reduced (by 50% or more)

(3)     With a view to long-term ability to consider studies, expecting to use this Project in connection with other existing systems of support

6 In principle, fulfill one of the following conditions:

イ)Receiving support Type I (Families exempt from Residents’ Tax)

ロ)Receiving support Type II or III (Equivalent to families exempt from Residents’ Tax), and receiving maximum 50,000-60,000 yen monthly interest-free amount

ハ)Family income is not included in new system, but student is receiving maximum monthly interest-free amount 

ニ)Above conditions do not apply, but is qualified to apply for other support, including non-government private sources


*For overseas students, instead of above, follow JASSO conditions:

イ)Good grades; GPA 2.30 or above

ロ)Attendance 80% or above

ハ)Receiving from home 90,000 yen or less monthly, not including tuition fees

ニ)Annual income of supporting family living in Japan less than 5,000,000 yen


LUJ will judge students’ economic difficulties based on the above criteria. 

Each application will be reviewed at LUJ, final candidates to receive financial support will be selected by LUJ, and MEXT will make the final selection. 


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