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10 April 2020 By In LUJ Blog
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Dear Students (Academic program), 

The following message from the Dean regarding final grade change opportunities has also been sent to your LUJ email account. Please read the message posted below and contact your academic advisor if you have any questions. 

Thank you. 


A Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

I realize that the past six weeks have been very difficult for you, since you have had to take your classes online and haven’t been able to talk face-to-face with your instructors, classmates or friends. For some, the technical challenges were almost overwhelming and the sense of isolation dispiriting; yet you soldiered on and completed your courses. These are difficult times. LUJ put the courses online to protect you and your family members from contact with the COVID-19 virus.

We don’t know yet, if we can hold in-person classes next semester, but we have moved the starting date for the summer term to May 25 in hopes it will be safe to hold live classes by then, but we can’t guarantee it in these uncertain times. A more detailed report on the semester dates will be sent to you separately. As we continue to work together through these extraordinary times, we will continue to offer you as much assistance as we can.


Opportunity to Change Your Grades

With that in mind, the faculty at main campus in Wisconsin has approved a one-time opportunity for students to convert letter grades to “pass” at the end of the Spring 2020 Term. This means that you can request that low grades be changed to P grades, which will not affect your GPA. It is up to you how many grades you would like to change. 


F grades cannot be changed.


All students will receive a grade for their coursework for Spring 2020. However, due to the unusual circumstances of the Spring 2020 term, you will be allowed a one-time opportunity to convert letter grades to “pass,” Requests for conversion may not be rescinded once approved.

You may elect to change a course grade of D (1.0) or higher to “pass”.  Changing the grade could improve your GPA, as the “pass’ grade is not factored into your GPA, whereas a D grade or higher would be.


Maintaining your GPA may be an important factor those of you attempting to;


    Maintain or return to good academic standing

    Maintain or return to good academic standing for financial aid

    Maintain or improve your GPA for academic honors at graduation

    Maintain or qualify for a scholarship

    Maintain eligibility to continue studying in the country as an international student

If you choose “pass’ instead of a letter grade, you should be aware that there is no uniform consideration of grades of “pass” by other universities or employers. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully consider your personal goals and the implications of your decision in consultation with your academic advisor. This is especially important if you wish to transfer to a competitive university after you finish your AA degree. Those of you receiving military benefits should be careful, as the VA has not ruled on the impact grades of “pass” have on eligibility. 


How to Change Your Grade


1.    Consult with your academic advisor first;

2.    Decide which courses for which you wish to changes the grades;

3.    Send an email message to your advisor or the Academic Affairs office if you have questions;

4.    You may choose to keep the letter grade in some courses and convert other grades to “pass”;

5.    Send your request to change a grade or grades to the Academic Affairs office at  with the information listed below.


Information Needed for Grade Change


The following information needs to be included in your request to change a grade, or several grades, when you send it to the Academic Affairs Department:

1. Full name:

2. LUJ I.D. number:

3. LUW I.D. number:

4. Course code and section (e.g. GEN 100.J2):

5. Title of the course (e.g. Writing Workshop):

6. Grade shown on My.Lakeland:

7. Note that you wish to change the grade to P:

Do this for each grade you wish changed.


The deadline will be April 24 at 5 p.m.  Do not miss this deadline.


I hope this unusual opportunity will help you maintain your GPA during this difficult time. Be sure to consult with your advisors. Please take care and stay safe.


Alan Brender


Lakeland University Japan

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