Coronavirus Information (February 28, 2020)

28 February 2020 By In LUJ Blog
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Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

As an update on our last report on the coronavirus outbreak, I wish to inform you that the administration of Lakeland University Japan has decided to follow the lead of the Japanese government and institutions of higher learning to suspend in-person classes from March 2 – March 13. Class lessons will continue online throughout that time, and students should begin receiving instructions from their teachers early next week, including which platforms (Blackboard, Skype, email, Google Hangouts, etc.) will be used. It is important for students to frequently check their LUJ email accounts for further instruction.

LUJ’s administration will frequently reevaluate the situation and provide updates via the LUJ blog as soon as they are available.

Suspension Notice of In-Person Classes

Starting date: Monday, Mar. 2

Tentative Resumption date: Monday, Mar. 16

Note: Classes will continue during that time online. Instructors will contact you with further details via your LUJ email account.  

During the two-week suspension period, we will determine when conditions will allow us to resume regular classroom teaching.

International students who wish to return to their home countries may do so and should continue their studies online. Those who plan to leave Japan need to complete an online form which will be available on the LUJ website shortly. Please continue checking the LUJ blog for updates.

Students may visit the campus on Monday, Mar. 2 or Tuesday, Mar. 3 to collect books and personal belongings from their lockers. After Tuesday, the campus will be closed to students until classes are resumed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience the in-person class suspensions may cause you, but our primary concern is your health and safety. Please continue checking the LUJ blog for further updates on the coronavirus emergency.



新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19発症事例の最新情報を踏まえて、レイクランド大学ジャパン・キャンパスは日本政府の要請と各高等教育機関の決定に従い、32()から313()まで対面式授業の中止を決定しました。以後2週間、授業はオンラインを通じて行われます。どのオンライン・プラットフォーム(BlackboardEメール、Google Hangouts等)を使用して非対面授業を行うかなどの指示は、来週前半に各教授より通達がされます。Eメールや使用中のオンライン・プラットフォーム等を頻繁に確認し、教授の指示に従ってください。



授業形態の変更に伴う皆さんの不便、不都合を思うと心苦しい限りですが、今回の臨時対応は皆さんの健康と安全を一番に考えて決定されました。今後もLUJ ブログの告知内容に従い行動してください。





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