Coronavirus Information (February 28, 2020)

27 February 2020 By In LUJ Blog
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 A Message from the Dean, Dr. Alan Brender

学部長 Dr. Alan Brenderからの新型コロナウィルスに関するメッセージ(日本語訳は英語のメッセージの下をご覧ください)


Dear LUJ students, faculty, and staff, 

As you know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to spread worldwide. Tokyo has had several clusters of cases, but so far no general outbreak. Still, we need to take precautions. We will use the LUJ BLOG as the primary source of updates, and will provide such updates at least once a week. Please read the update below as well as the report on actions that LUJ is taking to combat the spread of the virus. 



LUJ has decided to postpone the following events until further notice:

- International Food Festival

- Movie Nights

- Lecture Series

- End of term ceremonies (EAP)

- Any other event, including student club activities, expecting 25 or more participants



We strongly encourage every member of the LUJ community to continue taking measures to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the virus when on campus, including: 

- Wearing a mask whenever possible.

- Regularly wshing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more, or use an alcohol-based sanitizer with 60% alcohol or higher. At this time, we have placed bottles of disinfectant throughout the campus. Please use the disinfectant to clean your hands. 

- Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that could be contaminated with germs (such as your phone).

- Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough. 

- Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.



If you develop flu-like symptoms similar to the coronavirus, please take the following action. 

- Students should report their illness immediately to the Student Affairs office at 03-3225-0427 or by email at

- Faculty or staff with symptoms should report to their immediate LUJ supervisors. 

If you develop any symptoms, please call the consultation center before visiting a doctor or hospital. Personnel at the center will then recommend which medical institution(s) you should visit. Please only visit the medical center(s) recommended by the medical consultant center: 

- [For Tokyo residents]

- 03-5320-4509 For JAPANESE speakers (9:00-21:00) Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health (

- 03-5285-8181 For ENGLISH AND OTHER LANGUAGES speakers (9:00-20:00) Himawari (

- [For Outside Tokyo residents]


- [Guide for Using Medical Institutions]



Thank you for your cooperation. 

 Dr. Alan Brender, Dean 






- International Food Festival

- Movie Nights

- Lecture Series

- EAPの学期末セレモニー




  • マスクの着用(可能な限り)
  • 手洗いの徹底。せっけんを使用して20秒以上手を洗うか、60%以上のアルコール消毒液を使用する。現在キャンパス内に消毒液を設置していますので、適宜利用してください。
  • 携帯電話など、ウイルスの付着の可能性があるものは常に除菌して清潔に保つこと。
  • くしゃみや咳をするときは、鼻や口を覆うこと。
  • 目・鼻・口を触らないようにする。



  • 学生は、直ちに学生課()に連絡すること。※ご本人確認省略のため、LUJ Emailからメールを送ってください。
  • 教職員は、それぞれ直属の管理者に報告すること。




学部長 Dr. Alan Brender

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