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Class Cancellation — Typhoon

08 September 2019 By In LUJ Blog
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As you may be aware, a typhoon is approaching Tokyo and is  expected to disrupt train service in the morning.  Because we have your safety in mind, the morning classes until 11 am will be canceled.  If it is difficult for you to travel to  the campus because of storm damage or train cancellations, please do not endanger yourselves by trying to come to the classes in the morning. All morning absences will be excused   According to current weather information, we expect train transportation to be normal by 8:00 am, so those classes scheduled from 11:00 am will be held unless the situation changes. We will keep you posted if there any changes, so please check the blog and other information sources.

Thank you, and continue watching this blog!

Sincerely, Dr. Alan Brender

Lakeland University Japan
5-7-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, 160-0022 Japan

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