LUJ hosts 3rd annual Conference on Global Higher Education

05 June 2016 In LUJ News
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A record number of more than 90 participants took part in the third annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan (LUJ) on June 4.

There were more than 45 presenters from all corners of Japan (Okinawa, Hiroshima, Kyushu, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Niigata) representing 25 different universities, as well a presenter from China and one from Turkey.

"It was the best turnout with representation from the widest assortment of universities, districts and even nations," commented Associate Dean Alan Brender.

The presentations were all related to education, college administration, or cross-cultural issues, but covered a wide range of topics, from using e-portfolios in the college classroom to the role of international graduate students at Japanese universities. One presentation examined Japanese college students’ reactions to Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto, who is of mixed-race heritage, and another questioned what it means to be a “native speaker” of a language.

Among the universities represented were: Wenzhou Kean University in Wenzhou, China, Bezmialem University in Istanbul and such noted Japanese universities as Sophia University, Japan Advanced University of Science and Technology, the University of the Ryukyus, Hiroshima University, Niigata University, Meiji University, International Christian University, Kobe University, Kyushu University, Asia University, Osaka University and Temple University Japan

LUJ was well-represented as well, as Dr. Adam Tompkins, Charles Laurier (co-presenting with Michael Bell), Dr. Jonathan Derr, Wade Carlton, Dr. Anthonette Gibson, and Mick Short all gave presentations, as did Dr. Carmen Tamas from the NIC/Lakeland Osaka Campus and Andy Lawson from NIC.

A highlight of the conference was the student symposium, composed of seven students from LCJ, NIC, and the Tama University of Global Studies, during which students discussed their views on transnational education. Several conference attendees commented that the student symposium gave a much appreciated added dimension to the conference.

"This conference was an appropriate event to mark the 25th anniversary year and the last event which Lakeland College will sponsor," Dr. Brender said. Next year, as Lakeland enters its second quarter century in Japan, the event will be sponsored by Lakeland University Japan.

In his written message to the conference, Lakeland President Dan Eck said, "Global Education is not something new for Lakeland College.  Not only do we have our wonderful colleagues at our campus in Tokyo, we also have partner universities and colleges in China, South Korea, Germany, Luxembourg and Columbia. Our collective student body and faculty have participated in cultural and academic exchanges that have benefitted everyone involve."

The conference organizing committee wishes to thank all who attended and the students who helped to make the event so successful. See you at the 4th annual conference in 2017!

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