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Registration Week - My.Lakeland Example Video

08 July 2019 By In LUJ Blog
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Registration is this week!

You will have to go online at and register for classes. The video below is a demonstration about how to register.

Important Note: Be careful when using the Waitlist feature. Some students have reported errors when trying to add a waitlisted course. If the section of a required course that you want to take (for example, Comp I) is closed, you may waitlist that class—but you must also sign up for another section of that course at the same time. Some students have reported errors when doing this. We believe it may be due to the student signing up for the alternate sectiuon first, and then waitlisting another section. Try waitlisting first, and the signing up for the alternate. If you still get an error, make sure to remember what sequence of actions you took, and then contact us and let us know exactly how the error happened.

Please watch the video below if you are not completely sure how to register online. Note that there is a special process for 4-unit courses. Good luck!

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