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Life in Colombia after LUJ: Alumni Success

12 March 2019 In LUJ News
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Congratulations to our LUJ alumnus (2013) Ryoma Abe, who went on to pursue his B.A. degree in Sociology at Queens College, City University of New York! For Ryoma, the decision to study at LUJ was a catalyst for traversing the world. “LUJ is where I learned English and they opened the door for me to throw myself into the world. I see a lot of my friends from LUJ are living their dream all over the world and having friends like them motivates me a lot to think that I can do better at anything!” Following his academic studies, Ryoma has also taken to giving back to various communities as well as pursuing his own dream. “I spent some time in Honduras volunteering (building schools for kids who don’t have access to education) and lived in San Luis Potosi, Mexico for a year teaching English and Japanese. It’s been 2 years since I started living in Bogota, Colombia. I’ve been working as a Japanese teacher, but also I’m pursuing my dream to be the first Japanese reggaeton singer.”

Furthermore, Ryoma’s strong work ethic permeated whatever endeavors he set his mind to and this facilitated some of his fonder memories while attending LUJ. “I would say my favorite memories are the incredible fact that I studied a lot every day with awesome friends for 2 years and when I became the first person from LUJ to receive the Outstanding Student Award.”

When asked for a message to current and future LUJ students regarding his experiences, Ryoma explained, “Before entering LUJ, the only thing I wanted to do was sing in NY, but thanks to the various interesting classes such as philosophy, US-Japan relations, and anthropology, I got interested in learning more things besides just music and I even became a president of SAB. I can say to you that if you don’t know what to do with your life, LUJ helps you find it and if you already know, you will find more things that you want to do.”