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Lakeland Tokyo to Wisconsin: Alumni Success

28 February 2019 In LUJ News
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Congratulations to our LUJ alumni (2017) Natsuki Saito, who just completed her B.A. degree in Hospitality Management at the Lakeland home campus! Natsuki began her college education at LUJ, and transferred to the LU Wisconsin campus to pursue her dream of working internationally in the hospitality industry. “I feel like I grew up a lot and had the best time of my life at LUW. Having taken academic classes at LUJ first, I felt well-prepared for the courses at the home campus, and that gave me the confidence and time to make a lot of friends and get involved in other things as well. I will always treasure the people I met at Lakeland – both LUJ and LUW.”

Now with her four-year degree in hand, Natsuki is taking her Lakeland experiences and skills to the next level. Recently hired as a full-time VIP Escort Service agent at the Chicago O`Hare International Airport, she will now be assisting and supporting travelers at one of the largest international airports in the world.

When asked to look back on her days at Lakeland’s Tokyo and Wisconsin campuses, Natsuki explains “I think being active, getting involved, and meeting so many various people helped me find who I want to be. I joined so many activities and clubs when I was in Wisconsin, and that was where I met my precious friends. All of this led to just so many great memories.”