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08 March 2018 By Administrative Office In LUJ Blog
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To LUJ Academic Students,

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Everyone should remember that even if a class fills up, you can still get on a online waiting list for the class. You can do this for a specific section of a course. 

There is no guarantee that you can get into the class from the waiting list. Therefore, when you get on a waiting list for a class, you must also sign up for an alternate course which you will take if the wait-list class does not have an opening for you. If there is an opening in the class afterwords, the staff will contact you to let you know that a seat has opened up for the class. Otherwise, all waiting list assignments will be canceled on March 16th.

If, after the end of registration week, you were not able to get into a course you need or strongly want, then wait until May 7th. There will be  "Add/Drop Period" starting from May 7th and if the course is still full at the time you try to add, there will be again the wait list available.

As always, if you are a first-year student, or if you want to take an advanced course with a pre-requisite, make sure that you only sign up for courses which are approved for you by your advisor.

LUJ Administrative Office

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