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25 April 2016 In LUJ News

Lakeland College Japan will once again host the annual Conference on Global Higher Education. The conference, titled "Confronting Challenges: Adapting to Change", highlights the constantly evolving sector of global higher education and explores the development of education with a global persepctive among higher education institutions in Japan and around the world.

Presentations are being prepared by university educators and administrators, from as many as 5+ countries, to cover such topics as global competency, education policy, forieng language education, classroom diversity, cross-cultural communication, foreign student recruiting, sustainability, peace studies and more. The conference will also feature a student panel for young representatives from multiple institutions and programs to bring their perspective to light. 

The conference will be held on June 4, 2016 at the LCJ campus. For more information, please view the Conference on Global Higher Education

Many of the 2014 and 2015 conferences' presentations can be viewed on the Lakeland College Japan YouTube Channel


24 April 2016 In LUJ News

LCJ held its 26th annual Entrance Ceremony to mark the start of the 2016-2017 academic year, and welcomed the second-largest incoming class in the history of the college.  With the new class about to begin their first semester in May, LCJ's full-time enrollment has grown to over three hundred for the year. Another proud achievement of the college was its ability to continue welcoming international students, who once again accounted for approximately 30% of the incoming students. To date, LCJ has seen student representatives from over forty-two countries pass through its doors and earn their degree. 

Dr. Julia Rodemeier, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, joined the ceremony with an inspiring welcome speech to the 2016-2017 class, who will be the first to actually enroll in "Lakeland University Japan" - a major announcement and change that will take affect officially in July 2016. 

07 February 2016 In LUJ News
LCJ continues to add classrooms and study area as enrollment numbers grow. While the main building remains the center for offices, student lounges, the college library and computer labs, classrooms needed to be added throughout two additional buildings. In addition to the six new classrooms and three study areas created for students, the LCJ campus also welcomed a student-run cafe in the first floor lounge. These crucial expansions were initiated for two reasons: to meet the immediate needs of currently enrolled students, as well as prepare for the expected significant increase this April. 
07 February 2016 In LUJ News

Last night was a great turnout for LCJ's third event in the "Homecoming Nights" series. Former LCJ students and graduates from as far back as 2001 attended, and shared an amazing night of fond memories and reconnecting.

These mini-reunion events are being held once a month throughout July 2016, and are creating some big excitement amongst the hundreds of LCJ alumni. A goal of the Homecoming Nights series is to reconnect with alumni members, bring them back to the campus to see the recent and exciting expansion and growth, and spread the word for the major reunion event on August 7th to celebrate LCJ's 25th year anniversary. 

Homecoming Night events have already been scheduled for February, March, May, June and July. Details for each event are posted directly on the Alumni Assocation Facebook page here

07 February 2016 In LUJ News
Two Lakeland University business students teamed up to finish among the best in the nation last fall in GLO-BUS, a worldwide, web-based business simulation game.

Yuka Nakamura and Hikaru Kinoshita, enrolled in Lakeland’s Global Marketing and Management Strategies course, were ranked in the top 100 worldwide among 2,679 teams from 152 college and universities involved in the GLO-BUS competition.

Nakamura and Kinoshita’s team tied for first place overall three times during the seven weeks of competition. They also placed 59th in earnings per share and 61st in company stock price. Nakamura and Kinoshita, both seniors, transferred to Sheboygan from Lakeland’s Tokyo campus and are majoring in international business.  

“Yuka and Hikaru were outstanding,” said Jim Dagley, the instructor of the course. “It’s quite an achievement and they were excited to be invited to compete in a select worldwide competition reserved for exceptional performances. Both should be very proud of their accomplishment.”

GLO-BUS is a completely online exercise where teams of students run a digital camera company and compete against fictional companies from other universities. Company operations parallel those of actual digital camera companies. Just as in the real world, companies compete in a global market arena, selling digital cameras in four geographic regions – Europe-Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Company co-managers must make up to 42 decisions a week relating to research and development, component usage, camera performance, product line breadth, production operations, work force compensation, outsourcing, pricing, sales and marketing, finance and corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

“This competition asks them to take the knowledge they have gained in their Lakeland business studies and integrate it to a leadership position with their product and business,” Dagley said.

For more information about the simulation, visit
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